Do we even need to explain why we don't need a reason to drink in 2022? Everything is insane right now. We need that drink.

Apparently, we aren't the only ones.

It's been confirmed by the Idaho State Liquor Division...Idahoans spent more money on alcohol during the past 12 months than ever before. To be exact, right around $305 million dollars was spent drinking the good stuff by those who call the Gem State home. If you're playing along at home, that's an almost 3% increase from the prior year. The pandemic really messed us up, y'all.

Here's what's interesting. Even though Idahoans spent more money on alcohol, they drank fewer volumes of the stuff overall. Meaning, we're now buying the high-shelf options! Tony Faraca, CFO of the Idhao State Liqor Division, gives more details:

They opted for much more premium offerings this year,” he explained, “so even though the average bottle is smaller, they spent more on that bottle. From our perspective, this is the best of both worlds, where consumption is down but our dividends to our beneficiaries are still increasing. It’s kind of one of those unique ... win-win years. Just generally speaking, it’s healthier to drink less. So we should feel good about that.

If you're wondering what's the best-selling liquor we spent all that money on? Tito's Handmade Vodka, of which we bought over $13 million dollars worth of the stuff in the past year.

One drink that didn't make the list? Gin. Because it smells like a taxicab air freshener and you can't convince this writer any differently.

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