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There are so many things I wish I was good at. I grew up wanting to play baseball, beach volleyball and there is a somewhat non-talented list that follows 😂

My wife on the other hand has the thing I'm most envious of, drawing. I remember watching kids grab a pencil and effortlessly draw cartoons. Why was I so into this or mesmerized by it? I just love watching creativity unfold in front of your eyes I guess. That's what my wife does for our kids.

The Eagle Arts Commission is looking for you. I would never even try because even stick figures stress me out. This one has #idahome all over it and what a great bragging opportunity. The EAC is looking for individuals that want to compete for this rare opportunity involving the Eagle Road Greenbelt Underpass. I'll post some pictures with the details below.

The winners will be able to see their artwork on the walls for 3-5 years. This looks like a ton of fun and will look better on your Instagram showing it off to the world! Good luck and follow the links below. There will be 6 individuals chosen.

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