I woke up this morning ready to make a difference. I woke up this morning ready for MY voice to mean something. I woke up this morning feeling EMPOWERED that my voice would ever even matter. For these things, I am--and we are--blessed.

Living in the United States is a pretty cool thing. For many of us, we were born here...lucky for us. For THOUSANDS it's a dream that is made possible by migration. For MILLIONS it's a dream that may never come true-- living in a place where your voice can be heard and where free speech is a thing. When we are kids, voting is an "old person" thing to do...if you're 18 years old or older--it's OUR thing to do now. Welcome to being an "old person", I guess?

Even though there isn't a presidential election on this ballot, there are a ton of things that impact our daily lives here in Boise that YOU can have a say in. Mayor. City Council. A new library? How about that Stadium? Get your voice heard!

Early Voting is now open at Boise City Hall downtown, Meridian City Hall, and the Ada County Elections office. For more on Early Voting locations, click HERE.

There is also a MOBILE voting option that is going to be driving around town setting up ballots that come to you! Find your nearest location, HERE.

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