Today is Earth day, Is it just another one of those random holidays that shows up in the calendar that people are vaguely aware of? What is it ? When was it started? Why was it started? and what can you do to celebrate mother earth on her holiday? Here are the answers to those question from the loop.

History of Earth Day
Earth Day was first born on April 22, 1970, which launched the modern environmental movement and is now known as the planet’s largest civic event. On that day, around 20 million Americans protested for environmental change and a new way forward for our world. This was the first action that paved the way for important environmental laws in the United States.

1. Reduce Plastic Usage
Did you know it was recorded that about one trillion single-use plastic bags are used around the world in one year? Do your part to cut down on the consumption of plastic,

2. Eat More Plant-Based Meals
It has recently come to light that eating a more plant-based diet can strongly reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Go Solar
The theme of Earth Day this year is taking action against climate change, and one of the best ways to do that is by switching to solar energy.


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