"No soup for you!" might be one of the most iconic Seinfeld lines in the history of the series!

The funny thing? I heard this line SO MANY times in High School because one of my best friends, Andy, was so obsessed with the sitcom but I never saw an episode of Seinfeld until 2010.  I've known Andy since pre-school and we were both in the television program at our high school.  We both chose to go into the broadcast communications program at Westminster College in Pennsylvania after we graduated.  It was nice to have a best friend on campus when freshman year started and we knew nobody. For the first few weeks of the school year, Andy brought Seinfeld DVDs over to my dorm room to keep us entertained while we settled into our new normal. That's when I FINALLY saw the "Soup Nazi" in action.

It seems like everything's come full circle, because the "Soup Nazi" is coming to our hometown! According to the Idaho Statesman, Larry Thomas, the actor who played the iconic character will be attending the Kif Brown Foundation Wine Auction & Gala in Garden City on March 18th! Actually, Thomas isn't just attending the auction...he's a silent auction item!

Brunch with Thomas at Richard's, the brand new restaurant inside the Inn at 500 Capitol, is one of the silent auction at the benefit gala.  The charity is raising funds to provide Treasure Valley cancer patients with personalized guidance. Thomas just so happens to be friends with one of the members on the board of the foundation.

Want a chance to order soup in front of the "Soup Nazi" himself? Tickets to the gala are $60 and you can purchase them HERE! 

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