I had the chance to interview the students who are assisting in a local movement after the election. Today's rally at the capitol heavily attended and here are some photos in case you missed it.


I've been doing radio for a long time from growing up in Texas, onboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, Seattle, and even Alaska. I will this is the first time I've met a more passionate group of young students that want their voices heard and not pushed to the side like a blip in the news. Nora Harren and Colette Raptosh are here and I don't see any letting off the GAS...PEDAL...GAS...PEDAL!

Previously, Nora and Colette helped organize the women's march last month including a most noticeable shout out from former first lady and Democratic Candidate for President, Hillary Clinton.

I'm not a fan of bashing party lines or political beliefs and that's why highlighting these young ladies. I really think about what I was doing at age 16 and it was mowing the yard. I did get my first job at 15 so it's not like I was at home playing video games. I will admit it's nothing close to comparison with was these girls are doing.

There are alot of students that are self involved with no community attachment. It's great to see these girls breaking stereotypes and doing what they think needs to be done. It would be great to see them do more with local non-profits.    - Holly Johnson

Here's my message to not just teens, but anyone reading this. Do what inspires you TODAY. We don't really know what's going to happen next year or even in 15 minutes. Stop dreaming about it and start painting it.

We only get one life, why waste one minute.

Find out more details about why students skipped school to protest.


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