The eclipse! the eclipse! OMG the eclipse! I really wonder if it's a big deal or we're just making this something to talk about? No, it's a BIG DEAL! Did you know that viewing will be completely different compared to where you? I have your cheat sheet.

We talked about the eclipse months ago before the buzz started. I just saw an alert from CNN that listed five different types of articles about the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21. This thing is officially off and running. The real question is where to view it. You think just because it's in the sky that everyone will see it the same right? WRONG.

I know that my wife's family lives in Oakley, Idaho and they will get about 85% darkness. Things just depend on what your location is. Our digital department just sent this over and I wanted to show it off asap. This is your interactive map based upon your location. For instance: 103.5 KISS-FM studios are located 827 East Park BLVD, 83712 in Boise. According to the VOX map which you can view HERE, we will have the eclipse go over us at 11:27:21 a.m. MDT and we'll experience 99.6% of the eclipse. They also suggest locations you can go for optimal viewing.

Find out if you're in an optimal total solar eclipse location HERE and find where you can go for the ultimate view!

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