It's fair to say that living in the Treasure Valley is a luxury. We're away from the big city hustle and bustle but still have a great metro area. We see amazing concerts travel though town, have some of the best collegiate athletics in the nation, and get to experience all four distinct seasons!

It's those seasons, however, that may have some wishing they weren't in Boise--and you don't hear that everyday!

While the snow has gone away for now, there's no denying that the frequent sunless days can take a toll on someone. Looking to getaway without breaking the bank? We have some ideas.

Here's a look at which destinations could be in your future--on the cheap!

Escape Boise For Under $80 With These Flight Deals

Who doesn't love a spontaneous escape!? Check these out!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Have you ever been to any of these cities? In nothing else, we're sure you could find some great concerts in these places to catch!

Sure--a few of these options aren't the sunniest. But how can anyone overlook the fact that an escape could be this cheap!?

Looking for a reason to skip town? These prices can certainly get that done even if you don't have friends, family, or sunshine to visit in one of these cities. Pop open Ticketmaster or another event app or website and take a look at what's going on in these locations--you might be surprised what you could do or see while you "sneak out" of Boise for a few days, on a budget!

Book your deals, HERE.

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