Does the photo of a snowy and cold Boise Airport bring chills to your bones the way that it does to us? We love the Treasure Valley and the unique way of life that it grants us, with all four seasons--however: sometimes, the snow gets old. Or perhaps it's just the lack of sun?

We don't want to say "the word" any less than you do but it is time we get honest with ourselves: inversions are on the way. Each winter, these dreaded stretches of poor weather, low visibility, and virtually NO sun drive us all crazy.

Why not plan a break?

It doesn't need to be luxurious and it doesn't need to be overly long, but a break is a break and we'll take it.

We did some digging and found out that in order to get out of Boise, one will not need to spend much for a flight out. Now, destinations at these below $100 prices are limited: but it's a start and it's an escape.

Book them for yourself or send your in-laws on a much deserved vacation *wink, wink*--check out the deals for yourself and cheers to some winter travel!

Check out these insanely low-priced flights that can get you out of town for CHEAP, below: 

Escape Boise For Cheap On These Flight Deals

When it comes to getting out of town, it can often be expensive using the Boise Airport. Depending on where you're trying to go, direct flight are limited and we aren't a major hub here in Idaho. Here's your chance to skip town on a budget!

All flights are on Alaska Airlines and you can book or shop for yourself, HERE

25 Nonstop Flights from Boise

Here are the nonstop destinations that you can get to without changing planes from our airport.

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