If there’s one way to describe Boise right now… It’s hot. It’s been hitting the 90s recently and we wouldn’t be surprised if the temperatures rose to triple digits soon. Sure there’s floating the river and visiting Roaring Springs as ways to cool down but what if you're in need of something quick and easy? Downtown Boise is home to some of the best ice cream shops in the Treasure Valley and it’s definitely the place to go when temperatures are rising and you need a sweet treat to cool down.

Best Ice Cream In Downtown Boise Area

Perfect for summer!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

The Stil, Negranti Creamery, Stella’s Ice Cream, The Fizzy Cow, and Goody’s are all great options in the Downtown Boise area that will definitely become your saving grace this summer.

The Stil is known for their fun and unique flavors all homemade. They often change their flavors out and bring new ones in depending on the time of the year and we have really high hopes for their summer flavors. We just know that it will be the perfect recipe for a great summer’s day or evening cool down.

Negranti Creamery handmakes all of their ice creams and one thing that’s really cool about their Boise location is that they have an exclusive huckleberry flavor! They even put a fun twist on normal nachos by serving ice cream nachos. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

Stella’s Ice Cream is perfect for those who can’t have dairy with their wide selection of dairy free flavors.

The Fizzy Cow is a summer time favorite as they are at green acres with their soda and ice cream!

Goody’s located in Hyde Park is the homiest and cutest ice cream shop out there and their wide variety of flavors is sure to make anyone happy!

The Mount Rushmore of Ice Cream in Boise

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