The radio station is in downtown Boise and as a result I spend a lot of time downtown during the week. Over the last 10 months I've started to notice people that I see on the regular. We're creatures of habit so we tend to frequent the same places at the same time and naturally you run into the same people from time to time. I bring this up because lately I've been running into the Loin Cloth Guy. Today I saw him twice, first when I was parking at the Kinko's on Capitol and later he walked by the Chase bank while I was inside conducting business.

Who is the Loin Cloth guy? Here's what I know... He seems to be homeless but doesn't seem overwhelmingly dirty. He may appear that way because he only wears what I thought was a bath towel around his waist but now I'm convinced is a loin cloth? He was peeking into a trash can which may confirm that he is homeless but again I don't know the full story, Do you?

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