Summer Splash is finally here. Yes, the annual summer-time event held at Roaring Springs where winners get free entry into the park plus one of 103 prizes equaling out to over 10,000 happens this Saturday. If you're reading this then your probably lucky enough to be one of the 103 that made it into the party. If not, the Pumpkin Smash is right around the corner.

Here is a quick look at everything you need to know before the event.

• 103 qualifiers + 103 guests will arrive at Roaring Springs at 9:15 am. We will check you in and give each guest a lanyard, plus a wristband for only the qualifiers who will be entering the river. Then it's time to register. Each qualifier will get a number 1-6 for which River entrance you'll go to.
• At 10:35 the qualifiers only will go to their designated entrances and enter the River.
• At 10:45 Lucky will drop 103 small, numbered beach balls from the Dolphin Dunk.

• Each qualifier will pick up one beach ball. You can take your ball to the grassy area at the bottom of Thunder Falls to redeem you prize.
• The River can open as soon as the balls & qualifiers are all out, by 11:00 am.
• If qualifiers bring additional guests who need to purchase tickets we will give them a spectator wristband at 9:15 and let them know they will need to purchase a ticket when the ticket booth opens at 10:30.

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