Few things say summer in the Treasure Valley more than a float down the Boise River. It's a staple of what we do as a community, for fun and for leisure. As soon as the City of Boise Parks and Recreation announces that opening date for the river, it is GAME ON!

Now, thanks to a recent online discovery, you really don't need to FLOAT the river to, well, float the river...

It's virtual reality and it's everywhere--toss on the goggles and the headphones and you will feel like you're in a place far, far away from where you really are as the experience takes over your senses.

On YouTube, a Boise resident who says they haven't floated the river in a long time, actually captured a float with a 360-degree camera.

One Boise resident commented

I'm getting cooled down from our 100 degree heat just watching this. Thanks!

Another shared in the comments: 

Our greenbelt is a freaking treasure. We need to really make sure that we absolutely never allow development right on the river. Having a tree lined space that protects river from city development is so special. Once it is gone we can never get it back.


Check out the adventure, below!

Boise's Free Virtual Realty Experience

It might be one of the most unique creations we've seen on YouTube in some time--it's a full blown VR "adventure" in Boise!

Check out some shots from the adventure, below!

You can watch the whole thing for yourself--and if you have Virtual Reality headsets at home, strap in!  Maybe sit in your bathtub, toss in some ice, and get the full river experience!? 





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