There was a time as I was growing up, a long phase in fact, that I never wanted to try new foods. From vegetables to ethnic food, I didn't care to try any of it.  As I have gotten older, my food horizons has expanded greatly and for that I am forever grateful. Food has become a medium for my exploration of other cultures and while there are still a handful of things you won't find me quick to try, like insects (no matter how much protein is in them), new food is always something I'm excited to learn about and try.

All of this said, this week will serve as an opportunity for you and I both to explore some new cuisines during Treasure Valley Refugee Restaurant Week! According to the event website, chefs from all around the world will be teaming up with restaurants right here in Boise to create meals representing their homelands. Proceeds from the dinner will be supporting refugee chefs and local refugee gardens!

Participating restaurants include The STIL, Grit American Cuisine, Modern Hotel & Bar, and The Hyde House.

To learn more about the vent and even get a preview at the menu's, click HERE.

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