Looking to do a little sightseeing this weekend?

You can't do much better than Jump Creek Falls, only an hour from Boise.

Just an hour's drive from Boise lie the Owyhee mountains, some of the best scenery Idaho has to offer. You'll also find the spooky ghost town of Silver City nearby. A quarter mile long trail leads you to Jump Creek Falls, a perfect spot for sightseeing, a quick picnic, or discovering some of Idaho's finest foliage.

Did we mention you can swim in the pool below the falls? Because you totally can. You totally should.

YouTuber Hey Arnel recently explored Jump Creek and the falls, and the footage almost feels unreal. Waterfalls, mountains, valleys, he's captured everything Jump Creek has to offer in the best way possible. Thanks to a well-piloted drone, Hey Arnel was able to capture footage from all angles, including in the deep valleys and atop some of the highest elevations in the area.

If you have yet to travel far outside Boise, you owe it to yourself to take the hour drive to Jump Creek Falls. Outside of the foothills and Table Rock, we sometimes forget that Boise is surrounded by spellbinding nature. Jump Creek is the perfect day trip, and it doesn't get much better than that.


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