For many Idahoans, this will be the first time in two years we celebrate Christmas with extended family and that's a reason to raise a glass. But if you can find a bar that's open, will you be able to order a stiff drink? 

There are actually 24 states in the country that ban alcohol sales on Christmas Day and Idaho is indeed one of them. According to the General Alcohol Information page on the Idaho State Police website, liquor can not be sold on Sundays, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas in Idaho.

If you're scratching your head going "Wait. I know I've had hard liquor watching the Seahawks game at a sports bar, on a Sunday" that's because counties and cities are allowed to make exceptions on Sunday, Memorial Day or Thanksgiving. No one can make exceptions on Christmas Day.

The wording's vague enough to make us have more questions. We know that already knew that all Idaho State Liquor Division Stores and contract stores are closed on Christmas Day, but does that mean bars/restaurants with a liquor license can't serve liquor by the drink if they're open?

We asked Angela, our bartender at the Boise airport this morning, to clear it up for us. She confirmed that bars/restaurants cannot serve liquor by the drink on Christmas Day. They can, however, still serve beer and wine.

If you're looking for a little "extra fun" to add to your eggnog or hot cocoa on Christmas Day, you still have until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve to grab that fireball or peppermint schnapps at a state store!

Liquor stores will reopen with regular business hours on December 26. For most state stores, that means 12 p.m. Contract stores like Hilltop Station and Star Merc open earlier.

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