Harry Styles hit the 2019 Met Gala pink carpet on Monday (May 6). Styles is co-chairing the fundraiser this year making him the youngest to do so in the history of the gala. Fans were eagerly anticipating his red carpet look all week.

This year's theme for the gala is "campy," to which guests are instructed to create a look that goes along with the theming. Styles hit the carpet donning a new ear piercing, to which fans went wild about on social media.

The outfit itself is garnering mixed criticism from fans. Styles donned a sheer black top with ruffles. The look is from Gucci's Fall 2019 line. One thing fans can agree on is the fact that Styles did free the nipple and showed off his tattoos simultaneously.

The fans' reactions were mixed, some fans thought that Styles' look was too simplistic and not campy enough. One fan even called into question the similarity between Ron Weasley's suit he wore in the Harry Potter movie to Styles' shirt. Other fans thought the look was iconic and praised him for his dangling earring choice.

The fashion positive reactions:

The not so thrilled recations:

2019 Met Gala Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

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