As we all watch what has been a totally different and crazy college football season, we're about to shift gears into college basketball.

Here in the State of Idaho, we received news today that Governor Brad Little would be rolling back the state to Stage 2, with modifications. Gatherings are limited to 10 people or less, among other restrictions. Clearly, just the move with modifications aside is a sign that the State of Idaho is seeing COVID-19 numbers go in the wrong direction.

As Boise State football held a home game against BYU with about 1,100 last week, Boise State Basketball has said that there won't be any fans in the stands for mens and women's games. In a message sent to season ticket holders:

Dear Season Ticket Holder,

In response to ongoing challenges and management of the COVID-19 virus in conjunction with athletic competition, at this time there will not be fans in ExtraMile Arena for the upcoming basketball season.

Like many, Boise State Athletics is navigating a historic financial challenge as a result of the pandemic. While our fiscal situation is unlike anything we have ever experienced, our resolve remains unchanged: to support our student-athletes who entrusted us with their education, athletic opportunities and future careers when they chose Boise State.

With our mission in mind, we would first ask you to consider converting your 2020-21 basketball season ticket and per-seat contribution payment towards a tax-deductible gift to the Bronco Athletic Association. If this is something of interest to you, please contact the BAA at or (208) 426-3556, they can help you convert that payment and provide the tax deduction information needed.

For those who are unable or prefer not to donate, the following will take place with your current payment:

- All money paid for 2020-21 basketball season tickets, Bronco Athletic Association per-seat contributions and parking will be applied toward 2021-22 season tickets, applicable BAA per-seat contribution and parking.

- If you would like a refund instead, please contact the Athletic Ticket office at or (208) 426-4737.

- If Boise State is allowed to have fans in ExtraMile Arena during the season, the first opportunity to purchase tickets will be given to current paid 2020 and 2021 season ticket holders and those who elect to donate the funds from their 2020 ticket purchase.

- Details regarding updated schedules and individual ticket sales will be communicated once more information is available and if fans are allowed.

Regardless of your decision around your season ticket payment and per seat contribution, please know that all of us at Boise State Athletics are so thankful for you, and look forward to the day we can see you cheering on our student-athletes in-person once again.

Stay healthy, positive and Bleed Blue!


Other programs are talking about following suit both in the Mountain West Conference and nationwide.  My alma mater, the top ranked basketball program in the nation this pre-season (humble brag--sorry), is also planning on having no fans.

This spring, Boise State and Extra Mile Arena were planning on hosting March Madness and their first two rounds-- seeing as the tournament didn't even happen last year, I'm beginning to believe that we won't be seeing March Madness here in Boise at all--perhaps if it is here, there most likely won't be fans.

We'll keep you posted on all things basketball, crowds, and Boise State as more develops!


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