Some love it; some hate it, some love to hate it. The Secret Sound is KISS FM's annual big money contest that drives the Treasure Valley crazy. The concept is simple. We play a "secret sound" every day at specific times. Listen to the sound, be the correct caller, guess correctly, and win all the money in the jackpot. Guess wrong, and we add more cash.

It's not as easy as it sounds. Some people drive themselves crazy just trying to get through. Even if you don't call to guess your still left wondering what that damn sound was. It's called "brain pain" the need for resolution.

If the Secret Sound is driving you mad, here are some fantastic tips to help you hopefully make the correct guess.

  • 1. Call as soon as you hear us play the sound. Don't wait until you think we've gone through eight callers to pick up the phone.
  • 2. Check out a list of previous guesses. Posted here.
  • 3. Listen to the sound each time we play it. The more you hear it, the better chance you have to guess correctly.
  • 4. Try to guess the sound as many times as you can. The more guesses you make, the better odds of being correct.
  • 5. Be specific. If you guess a part of the sound, you may not be correct. You must be as accurate as possible.

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