I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet, so I felt guilty buying a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale last Friday.  Little did I know that 24 hours later, I'd be walking into Hobby Lobby to be met with almost all of their Christmas stuff already on display!

With the Western Idaho Fair opening this Friday and the countdown to Boise State's first home game approaching single digits, we've officially entered the dog days of summer.  It seems weird to start talking about winter already, but The Farmer's Almanac has already put out their long range winter predictions for the Treasure Valley clear into 2018.

So are we looking at another year of obnoxious snowfall that literally shuts the city down?  Are we going to have to order snow shovels off of Amazon Prime again because every Walmart, Fred Meyer, Home Depot and Lowe's in the Treasure Valley is sold out? (Honestly, I had a friend from Northeast Ohio visiting over New Year's.  He's lived his entire life around heavy lake effect snowfall, so trying to explain why every restaurant in town was closed when we got 6" of snow in a day was almost impossible.)

According to the long range forecast, Boise can expect a colder than average November, December and January with December being at least 5º colder than normal.  We're also supposed to get hit with above average snowfall again with most of it hitting in early-mid December so it'll probably be Boise's second white Christmas in a row! Mid-January, Mid-February and early March are supposed to be pretty snowy as well.

That's great news for Bogus Basin, but I'm one of those people who really wish the snow would stay up at the resort or in McCall and avoid the valley floor!

So get out your YakTrax, pre-order your shovel and get ready for another cold, snowy winter in the Treasure Valley!

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