The story behind this incredible property is inspiring. After reading a little more about the vision, we hope the right people come forward to invest in it! 

It's not every day that you log on to Zillow, or another real estate directory and see something like this for sale. Located at 3800 E Black Canyon Hwy in Emmett, the $899,999 property comes up in search results for "single-family homes." As you can see in the photos below, it's anything but that!

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Originally built in 1997, this property looks more like the set of an old country-western. In fact, images of it actually appear in the Season 4 premiere of Murder in the Heartland titled "To Kill a Cowboy." The episode tells the story of the brutal 2013 murder of 78-year-old Darole Carpenter, better known as D.L. Neighbors found Carpenter beaten in the head, stabbed in the stomach and laying on the floor of the shop at his home.

Interested in the story of such a unique-looking property and why it's for sale. We tried to connect all the dots for you!

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