I've always assumed running a bar comes with its own "unique" problems. After all, your serving people who are ready to party and more importantly, ready to drink. I have always had a great time at Fattys. The bar is fun and the staff is laid back. So laid back in fact, you just have to check out what the employees do to surveillance footage of patrons acting, well, bad...

It sounds like they take the footage and have their employees "dub" voices over what people are doing. In the first video, you hear a woman narrating to someone named Karen that they have always wanted an 8 ball above their mantle. As you hear that, a woman can be seen stealing an 8 ball from the pool table at the bar.

The second video shows two patrons defacing property not knowing their mischevious acts are being recorded. Again the dub comes on and is just hilarious. Watch the videos below and remember, your always being watched

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