A brush fire has started along I-84 in Caldwell. Here's what we know so far. 

The fire broke out about 3:15 p.m. according to KTVB. The blaze is near the Middleton exit, mile marker 25.

Details are pretty sketchy. Because a fire can change in such a quick time manner, we have no idea how large the fire is at this point or if crews have been able to quickly contain it.

Please just be aware of it if you are traveling between Caldwell and Middleton. No specifics on how this is affecting traffic, but I would assume a slower commute in the area.

In addition, no word yet on what may have started the blaze. So far this year we have been pretty lucky regarding fires, but as the summer dries out, these things start to happen.

Especially as we approach fireworks season and as you go camping please be extra careful with anything that could potentially start a fire. The consequences can build very quickly and if you start a fire that causes damage, even if it is accidental, you will be held responsible.

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