Want to get outside and have some fun today? The weather is perfect, it's warm, and summer is in its infancy. Grab the kids, your date, or just you and your fishing pole because today you can fish for FREE and how can you say no to that!?

Today, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, is Idaho's Free Fishing Day!  It is held annually and it means that any Idaho resident can fish without needs for a license in Idaho's waters. It's a great way to learn to fish or expose your kids, friends, and family to it if they have never been. Growing up, my dad and I would hit up some of the Nampa ponds and creeks. In retrospect, I don't know that we ever had a license..so don't follow our example--take advantage of today!

There will be volunteers set up at various ponds around the Treasure Valley that can even show you how it's done and get you into a loaner pole if you would like.

One of the best resources you can get your hands on today is a like of where you can fish depending on where you want to go and what the rules are there, just click HERE for those.

For more on Free Fishing Day, click HERE.

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