We can congratulate ourselves for another fantastic record-breaking FitOne this year. There were almost 13,000 Idahoans that braved the cold and rainy weather this Saturday morning.

I was hosting the finish line with my co-host, Kat Fisher live from Ann Morrison Park. We got to hang out with the hundreds of volunteers and congratulate the winners. The weather didn't really turn for the wetter side until things pretty much ended.

Some of us just sign-up, grab some family/friends and get in line to run. Then, there are some of those runners and walkers that do it for another reason, The St. Luke's Children's Hospital. You can't fully comprehend how important until you've been involved in a tragic situation. I know so many of our listeners that have passed me on an elevator getting admitted or discharging. The money you spend when running, walking, strolling or even purchasing a coffee on that day goes back to help these kids. That's what it's really about.

Photo by: Kekeluv

The new children's hospital addition they just built saw 1100 appointments and visits in the first week. Can you even imagine? I can jump on a mic anywhere and when talking about these heroes it always chokes me up. I have so many stories but that's for another time. Thanks to our coordinator Daniel from St. Luke's who directed us all afternoon and to the thousands of people visiting Boise Saturday. What a great day despite the weather. I think the most important part is the weather. It shows you that no matter what the circumstance that we show up.

Congratulations to everyone and hopefully Kat and myself will have our own team next year. Here's to making  2020 a year to remember.

Photo by: Kekeluv