Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I'm a proud Bishop Kelly Knight. But "the Knights" aren't an uncommon mascot--in fact, none of the mascots around town are really that strange. Did you know Idaho is home to some of the nations most unique mascots, though?

In no particular order, here are some of the STRANGEST and one very controversial mascot here in Idaho.

#5. The Idaho Vandals 

Just because we're used to the Bronco vs. Vandal rivalry doesn't mean that "outsiders" have any sort of idea what we're talking about. If you were to look up the meaning of a "Vandal" it's far from a good thing--a person who destroys, on purpose, someone else's property (public or private).  What that isn't what the University of Idaho is going for with their mascot, it may not matter to Bronco fans who just have no tolerance for them whatsoever. The mascot is shared with McCall-Donnelly High School and actually signifies the "vandals" who lived in what is now Germany and were known for destroying areas that they attacked in the ancient year of 400.

#4 The Community Cutthroats 

I honestly can't say I would want to hangout in a community of cutthroats at first listen, but it's not at all what you may think. Actually, it's VERY Idaho. Community High School in Sun Valley, Idaho has taken on the cutthroat as their mascot--that is, the Cutthroat Trout. Nobody's throats are being cut over there--we promise.

#3 The Shelley High School Russets

Tell just about anyone that you're from Idaho and they'll make one of two jokes: they'll say no, "You Da Hoe" OR...they'll make a coy comment about potatoes. Spend anytime enjoying our local Idaho potatoes, however, and the joke is really on them. Who loves these Russet Potatoes more than anyone, though? Shelley High School make take the cake.  The town has a population of only a few thousand people but hosts an annual Idaho Spud Day Festival which is just SO, Idaho. Check out how mean this The Russets look from a screenshot of their merch shop, below-- that potato is RIPPED!

Credit: Shelley High School Facebook

#2 The Orofino Maniacs

Well, this may be the strangest mascot I have ever heard of. Of course it's in Idaho--just miles from the Idaho State Hospital, where the mentally ill are housed and cared for. Yeah, there's a little controversy around it and it's long standing. While looking into the back story behind the mascot, we actually found an article about this that is older than me, from 1990!  The story goes, according to this article, that all the way back in the 1920's the boys basketball team was said to have played like "maniacs". Allegedly, being a "Maniac" at Orofino High School means being "ungovernably enthusiastic".  The school colors are blue and white and you can see their mascot depiction, below:

Credit: Orofino High School
Credit: Orofino High School

#1 The Camas County Mushers 

Of course we've got to end things on the potato note--right? At least I think that's what they're going for here. Mushing potatoes? Plot Twist: A musher is actually the driver of a dogsled. I'm definitely guilty of stretching that one along--but, the more you know, right?


What do you think? Did we miss any CRAZY mascots?



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