Recently, Spirit Airlines announced nonstop flight accommodations from Boise to Vegas. It's exciting! Being able to be on the ground in Sin City in just a matter of moments is super cool.

However, there are some other cities we think deserve a direct flight to and from Boise. Let's go on this journey together and see where our imagination takes us (cue Reading Rainbow theme song).

Kuna, Idaho

Having to drive from Boise to Kuna in rush-hour is an absolute headache. This would make getting home in time for Wheel Of Fortune much less stressful.


Toledo, Ohio

Yes, it's Ohio, but they have a zoo! That's worth a visit, right?


Vancouver, British Columbia

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to dine on some poutine just a short while after you took off from the Boise airport? Also, we hear people are really friendly there. Worth a look.


Anywhere over the Idaho/Oregon border

You already know why. We ain't no narc.


Los Angeles, California

Are you salty about the current price of housing in the Treasure Valley? Think the traffic is the worst you've ever seen? Then take a trip to beautiful Los Angeles, California! The houses somehow cost even more than in Boise, the traffic is absolutely ungodly, and you don't have to go far to see someone walking around with a snake on their head (Yes, this actually happened to me in L.A. once). It's a weird place that'll make you fall back in love with Boise all over again.

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