After a weekend out of town for a friends wedding, I've returned to the Treasure Valley having pondered if I could survive in the wilderness. If you know me at all, you will laugh when you read that because the honest truth is that no, I probably couldn't. I have no shame in admitting that I am an avid "indoorsman" that really only goes outside to adventure if I absolutely have to.

While driving back from Stanley, Idaho yesterday afternoon--traffic came to a complete halt. We didn't move for nearly 2-whole-hours and this line of cars was tucked down in a canyon that offered no cell service.  I watched my gas gauge, sat there staring at the river and wondered what I would do if I got stranded out there. Little did I know, all it would take would be some duct tape!

I had no idea that duct tape could be so versatile. You never know when you're going to be in a pinch and need some of this crucial, unconventional survival material!

1. You'll need some to make a trail! 

So you're off into the woods in an unfamiliar area. Maybe this is by design or maybe it's because you're lost. One great way to keep track of WHERE you're going and where you have been is by bringing along duct tape to make your trail. It's reflective and durable. As you press onward into the woods, leave the occasional duct tape "flag" off of tree branches or other landmarks.

2. It's going to help you carry things

We've all seen that kid in high school make bags or wallets out of duct tape, right? Do kids still do that? Regardless, having a roll of duct tape in the wilderness will be a tool that you can use to "build" carrying devices--as in, the tape itself.  Be it a bag or a pouch, this tape will hold up and come in useful.  You could also turn it into something which carries water.

3. It's a simple bandage 

You get cut by something in the woods-- a tree, plant, or animal and need some sort of bandage. Good thing you've packed your duct tape like a GOOD Idahoan. As you can see in the video below, a bandage is really easy to make with some duct tape along the way.


4. Start that fire up! 

Everything about duct tape is flammable and if you're able to get some flames onto a balled up bunch of duct tape, not only will it take off and give you the fire that you need--it will actually burn for several minutes, which gives you time to start a larger fire for warmth or cooking purposes.

5. It makes a strong rope 

Duct tape is strong--but if you twist it and tie it, the tape becomes even stronger. This is why you can make a rope out of it. If you do this properly, your duct tape rope out in the Idaho wilderness will actually hold anywhere between 20 and 40 pounds which is really impressive.

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