The first year my fiancé and I were dating, he sunk our raft on the one float we took down the river.  Last year we made it to Ann Morrison Park, but he realized that he had left his keys to his car (parked at the take out) in my car at Barber Park.  Our third float this year would be the charm, right? 

Well, in theory yes...but there's a very real possibility that Boise River Float Season may be scrapped all together.  According to Channel 2, the Ada County Parks and Waterways Director says their biggest concern is getting those living or running a business near the river through the flooding caused by this winter's record snowfall. If the river cooperates and calms down, an abbreviated float season may still be in the cards.

But don't break out your raft, oars or coolers just yet.  The river is still flowing six times faster than Ada County considers safe for floaters.

Photos the news outlet shared on their website shows the steps of the launch at Barber Park almost completely underwater.  The park's also dealing with flood waters creeping into its parking lot. The river is also so high that it's flowing just below the bridge at the Ann Morrison Park take out.

Canceling float season would impact the county's economy.  That $3 you pay for the shuttle and the cost of raft rental is what funds the majority of the Department of Parks and Waterways budget.

Last year the River opened later than it's average opening date on June 29th.

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