Want your voice heard? Vote. Have a strong opinion? Vote. Care about the future of our society? You should probably consider voting.

Not only is voting important--it's our civic duty.  While there are plenty of ideologies that we all could probably agree should NOT be voted into public office here in the United States of America--it's obvious now more than ever that everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to that.

Nampa has been, traditionally, a city in which you can expect conservative policies and politicians to be elected--and that isn't where the city may have a voting problem.

Let's take a look at voter turnout. 

Just this week, the City of Nampa had on its ballot a measure that was to decide the future of two schools. The $210.2 million measure would have replaced Nampa High School and Centennial Elementary School while improving facilities are several other Nampa schools.

Of course, the money would need to come from somewhere--and you guessed it, the source is taxpayers. Folks in Nampa would have seen a $25 increase in property taxes per $100,000.

After the votes were tallied--the school bond was a big time loss-- approximately 60% voted against, and only 40% voted in favor of the school expansions and improvements.

While the results might sound like a very loud and clear 'NO' from the City of Nampa--we looked a little further.

The City of Nampa's population, in 2021, was approximately 106,000 people.

Only 5,646 people voted in Nampa's election this week. In other words, about 6% of the City of Nampa's residents even voted on the measure! We're willing to bet that there are more students at the schools that would have been impacted than folks who voted.

Those numbers are astonishingly low.

Whether you wanted the school measure to pass or not--voting remains the responsible thing to do.

Does Nampa have a voter turnout problem? We think, yes.

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