Real Estate and Boise, Idaho. Two "things" that just seem to go hand in hand these days and it isn't for any great reasons. In fact--it's a polarizing and for many, frustrating.

If you grew up in the Treasure Valley, you probably recite cliche sayings like "I remember when that as just a field" and "it never took this long to drive from Nampa to Boise".  Plot twist: Boise grew--it grew a lot--and so have the prices for homes.

Many in the Treasure Valley fear that they will never be able to buy a home in this town and it's frightening for those who have called this place home their entire life--to never buy a home here? Insane.

We recently came across an interesting real estate listing but it's one that any Idahoan who loves the Netflix series "Stranger Things" might like.  If you watch the series, you are very familiar with the Byers' home--now, it's for sale.

Take a look: 

Inside Look at World Famous House

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? You can buy the Byers' house from the series--if you're THAT big of a fan--and believe it or not it's cheaper than just about anything here in Boise.

So why are we sharing this info in Boise, Idaho? 

Well--we should start by mentioning that this home is for sale for ONLY $300,000!  Sorry, what? A quick Zillow search for a home at this price in Boise this week only pulled up plots of land--with no home on them--for that price.

Trying to move to Florida to live in a famous house? Us either.

Boise investors: maybe you should be checking this place out for yourselves. Can you imagine the passive income that you could make off of buying this famous home and renting it out as an Airbnb? We're obsessed with the idea-- by the way, it's on SIX acres!

Take a look at the home for yourself, HERE. 

How can a house that was in a show with a cult following be SO cheap? Millions of people would love to have their picture in front of this yet in Boise--we're barely getting by? Perhaps it's just a sign of the times.

Inside of Aaron Paul's Million Dollar Boise Home

You know him best as Jesse Pinkman from the hit series "Breaking Bad" and in Boise, you know he's one of the biggest stars to ever call our city home. Now, the first home that he purchased in Boise, Idaho is on the market and up for sale. By far, this mid-century home is one of the sexiest builds we have ever seen--with access to the pool from nearly every room in the home.

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