If there's one thing folks here in the Treasure Valley love...it's Boise State football. SURE there are some Vandals fans here and there...ok, Vandals, there are a ton of you-- but with a track record like the one that Boise State has, it's tough for them to not be the shining example of football around our area.

Boise State quarterbacks seems to always be the hometown hero around here and Jaylon Henderson was no exception. The former Boise State quarterback captured the attention of local and national sports fans alike once he rose to lead Boise State and now, he's holding a football mini-camp.

The camp will be for future muddle and high school quarterbacks and according to his tweet, space is limited!

The camp is on June 22 and 23 for two hours each day. Interested? Shoot him an email at: Jaylon0415@yahoo.com

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