Love can be a sick twisted game. He does this, she does that. It's a never ending battle of one-upmanship, and just when you think you've won, you realize you've been losing the whole time.

That's what's happening for former Brigham Young University quarterback, Zach Wilson. Wilson, who now starts for the New York Jets after being drafted 2nd over all in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Wilson is now trending on Twitter for something in his personal life. And it is very personal, indeed.

Wilson's ex-girlfriend, Abbey, is now reportedly dating Zach's friend and former BYU teammate, Dax Milne, who now plays for the Washington Commanders. That's against the Bro Code. You don't do that to a friend.

So, the internet came to Zach's defense and called the new couple out. Well, Abbey wasn't just going to sit back and allow herself to be the villain. That's when she tried to throw him under the bus with a revelation that only made him a hero amongst men.

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On Instagram, Abbey defended herself to a commenter calling her a "homie hopper" (someone who goes friend to friend, breaking the Bro Code or Girl Code) by saying, "He was sleeping with his mom's best friend...that's the real homie hopper." *Jaw drops to floor*

She thought that would make him look bad, but now his jersey is selling like crazy. He went from a quarterback to a hero in one comment...that he didn't even make.

It's like American Pie. It's Mrs. Robinson. It's Brazzers in real life.

Take a look at the drama below.

Naturally, the internet is having a field day with this. People and celebrities, even the competition are post their support for Wilson. He's become a national treasure.

Here are some of my favorite Tweets reacting to the news.

That sent me up the wall. I actually laughed out loud. Picturing him scurrying up to his room with his BYU bedsheets to throw on his best suit because his mom's friends are coming over. It's business time.

Ochocinco getting in on the fun. Love to see it. Calling someone the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is not to be taken lightly.

This Tweet seems to sum it up best.

This really does bring a new meaning to Fantasy Quarterback. He's living the dream. He's now King Of New York. Move over Aaron Judge, Kevin Durant, and Saquon. This is Zach Wilson's town now. Ole...New Blue Eyes.

It was endless scrolling fun on Twitter today. I truly don't think I can pick a favorite from the day. After a stressful week, busy weekend, and facing the Sunday Scaries, this was everything I needed to forget my worries and heal my woes.

Coach Roy dancing gets me every time. You know Zach is going to be grinning like a school boy the day after prom walking into that locker room for the first time.

Of course there were some great Stranger Things memes brought up.

This is the best thing to happen to the internet in a while. We needed this.

Zach Wilson's entire brand just changed in an instant. He's now making a name for himself in a way he never thought he could. It is hilarious.

I must say, he is a very handsome guy. Of course, all of this is still alleged, but he hasn't commented on it, yet. Very interesting story worth keeping an eye on.

Take a look at the Brigham Young standout below.

Good Sam Vegas Kickoff Classic - Brigham Young v Arizona
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Former BYU Football Star Zach Wilson Hailed A Hero For Hilarious Reason

Zach Wilson has the internet in shambles after his ex-girlfriend revealed that he was sleeping with his mom's best friend.

She thought it would embarrass Zach, but now the former BYU star quarterback is being hailed a hero.

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