It is illegal to carry a firearm onto an airplane. This isn't new.

Apparently, some Idaho passengers didn't get the memo.

The Transportation Security Administration is reporting that four firearms were seized by airport security in the past seven days. Three were discovered at the Boise airport, and one at Idaho Falls Regional Airport. Of the four weapons, two were loaded at the time they were discovered.

Andy Coose, TSA's Federal Security Director for Idaho, wants Idahoans to be in the know when it comes to transporting guns on a flight:

“I want to send out a sincere request to all gun owners in Idaho who are considering traveling by air: Please check your luggage with the airlines and all your belongings before coming to the airport to ensure you do not have a weapon with you!. There are legal and acceptable ways to take a firearm on a plane in checked luggage.

The three weapons that were discovered at the Boise airport this past week brings the total of eight weapons seized in 2017. TSA discovered 16 firearms by security in all of 2016. Sadly, these incidents aren't limited to just Idaho. So far in 2017, the TSA has discovered 685 firearms (as of 3/14/17) in carry-on luggage.

Don't think you'll be receiving just a slap on the wrist for trying to transport a firearm illegally. If caught, you could face civil charges and a fine of up to $7,500.

You can get more information on what you can (and cannot) bring onto a flight here.


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