"May I have a side of Mac Sauce?" is a constant in my house. If you've ever had a McChicken hold the mayo add cheese and Mac Sauce, you would know why it's like liquid gold. Now it can be in your house always. Are those angels I see?



If you can't make it to the McDonald's at 1375 Broadway Avenue in Boise today, you can still win a bottle of Special Sauce today only. Just follow McDonald's on social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and you'll have a chance.

Meanwhile, we can all order the Big Mac in two additional sizes for a limited time. This includes the Mac Jr (single-patty burger) or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Grand Mac (larger patty with an extra slice of cheese).




If you've never tried Mac Sauce, don't go thinking it's just thousand island dressing. You're sorely mistaken.

Also, I'm addicted to this business.




No, they aren't paying me for this. I continuously pay for them.

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