It's a nightmare nobody wants to experience. Having your data leaked to someone or some place that you don't want having it.  Imagine signing up for something because you WANT to...only to lose your precious information to an outside source. Well, you may recall the massive data breach of Equifax just two years ago and odds are, you're a victim of it.

Over 150 million people lost their information because of that Equifax breach and because of that, there has been a massive settlement that each and every effected victim is entitled to. The settlement is actually $425 million and if you don't claim what is rightfully yours--you're missing out.

No there's no fine print and no this isn't a scam--it's a court ordered settlement that YOU should look into.

Your piece of the settlement? Well it's $125 that is just simply owed to you. You can jump online, enter the last few numbers of your social security number (no worries, you don't need to enter the entire thing) and they'll be able to tell you if YOUR information was a part of the breach. Just this afternoon I checked and sure enough, I'm entitled to $125. That's a check I won't turn down.

If you have been breached, you're owed 1 of 3 things:

  • 4-years of credit monitoring service for free OR $125 check
  • Reimbursement of funds spent to repair your credit due to this particular breach
  • 7 Years of free identity restoration service, if affected in this way.

To check and see if you qualify, click HERE.

To read more on this, click HERE.

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