Free drinks all day on Friday - any flavor. There's no catch and we live for these days. Black Rock Coffee Bar is opening a new location and is giving out freebies all day long. 


credit: Black Rock Coffee Bar
credit: Black Rock Coffee Bar


Coffee fans, energy drink fans, tea fans - this is all for you.

We plan on spending all day at the new Black Rock Coffee Bar location on Fairview between Milwaukee and Cole. If you look at the Friday specials, you'll see that it says exactly what we're telling you. The last opening, it was about 1,000 degrees outside and our shoes melted into the concrete. People got all the iced drinks that day. This Friday will be much more pleasant.

  • Tawsha's Current Drink: Pumpkin Spice White Mocha with an extra shot - no whip.
  • Chris's Current Drink: Drip coffee with caramel and cream.

Chris is a habitual person and orders the same thing all the time. I order depending on the season.

Where there are freebies is where we will be.

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