Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff began his press conference by sharing thanks to the media for helping get accurate information out and shared how extensive these efforts to find Michael Vaughan have been, noting that it has been all hands on deck since he went missing over a year ago.

Huff confirmed that authorities received credible information from someone that was living at the home which police have been searching over the last few weeks, that Michael Vaughan's remains were buried in the yard there.

After obtaining a warrant, police began searching the front and back yards of the Wondra household, where Sara Wondra was found and arrested on probable cause for having knowledge of a death without reporting to authorities. This warrant was served on November 11th.

Several police dogs were sent into the yard and all of them detected human remains. Ground penetrating radar was also used, and authorities detected some anomalies indicating to dig as well.

After their extensive search, dirt being sifted, and more--no remains were found.

Police believe that Michael Vaughn was abducted, is deceased, and that his remains were buried and removed from this particular property where Sara Wondra was arrested.

Authorities shared that they know a lot and that the investigation is extremely active--evidence suggests involvement to some extent of the following four individuals:


-Sara Wondra - In custody, failing to report a death

-Stacy Wondra - In custody on other charges, believed to have first-hand knowledge of death

-Brandon Shurtliff - Currently believed to be in North Dakota, was living in the Wondra's home at the time and likely has first-hand knowledge

-Adrian Lucienne- Currently believed to be in Toledo, was living in the Wondra's home at the time and likely has first hand knowledge

The public is again asked to call police with any information that could help find Shurtliff or Lucienne, or anything related to the case.

Timeline: Missing Idaho Child Michael Vaughan

Since late July of 2021, 5-year-old Michael Vaughan has been missing from his home and family in Fruitland, Idaho. The heart-shattering story has made it's way into the homes of families nationwide and several police organizations along side thousands of volunteers continue to keep the search alive. Below is a timeline of events leading up to where we are, now.

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