Yesterday I was out and about town. My first stop was at Kleiner park in Meridian for the Family Reunion Volkswagen car show put on by The Bus Pilots Association. I showed up  at noon and by 2pm the sun was cooking every inch of bare skin on my body. I got in the car and headed to the co-op from some groceries and as I walked from car to the store I couldn't help but think about how much hotter it was going to b e this coming week. Let's face it as hot as it felt today it was only in the mid 90's, this coming week promises to be at least 10 degrees hotter and Wednesday it's supposed to get to 107. If you do not have a pool at home or in your community, these fun places in the Treasure Valley to beat the heat compliments of ktvb will come in handy.

Quinn's Pond

Quinn’s Pond is open for swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking and fishing from sunrise to sunset.

Meridian City Parks

Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park located just to the east of The Village at Meridian. There you will find a splash pad, a play area, picnic shelters and two fishing ponds.

Eagle City Parks

Two of Eagle's parks have splash pads that are up and running from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. They are:

  • Stephen Guerber Park - 2200 Hill Road
  • Reid Merrill Park - 637 E. Shore Drive

Nampa Recreation Center

The Nampa Recreation Center has five indoor swimming pools with different features to offer options for every swimmer. It also features a kids pool.



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