G-Eazy provides more push to his latest album The Beautiful & Damned by dropping the video for his third single "Sober," featuring Charlie Puth, Wednesday (March 14).

The song and video are sobering looks (pun intended) at someone struggling with their vices. The visual starts off with G-Eazy waking up battered and bruised among bags of trash. He is then seduced by a woman into a building. Inside, the rapper travels back in time and we see a chronological look at him struggle with overindulging in drugs, sex and alcohol.

Eazy plays different characters, showing the progression of his bad habits through the decades.

"Uh, yeah, I might regret this when tomorrow comes/But, them drunk nights are more fun than sober ones," the Bay Area MC raps over The Futuristics and Dakari beat. "With every shot, they're like 'Aw, here Kobe comes!'/But I got this bad bitch trying to throw me buns/If I listened to my Uncs, all them older ones/They all talk about karma, how it slowly comes (uh)/But, life is short, enjoy it while you're young/Spend my bank account tonight and have to borrow funds/It all started with a light glass/Now I'm asking "How long could tonight last?"

Things end up getting crazy, and the video comes full circle with us finding out how exactly he ended up in the trash in the first place.

Watch G-Eazy's new cinematic "Sober" video below.

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