History in the making... you ever think about that statement? Once in a while you find yourself in a space and time that you just know is going to be one for the books. The voice in your head says this is going to be something that is talked about for years to come. While those moments are don't take place everyday they are near to our hearts. One of those moments took place here in Boise and it was shared by 80,000 people at Alberston's stadium. You might be thinking to yourself, which one of the football games is he making reference too? It wasn't a football game and as a matter of fact it wasn't a sporting event. Take a moment and reach back in your mental archives to June 20th of 2019. Remember that warm summer day when the all time attendance record was broken at Albertson's stadium by you and 79,999 other screaming country music fans who came to see the man, the myth, the legend... Garth Brooks.

The attendance was one thing, ( but then again Garth commands that kind of attention ) the surprise performance by The Voice judge and fellow country singer Blake Shelton was icing on the cake and now that moment will live forever because Garth has released a video of the "Dive Bar " performance on his facebook page. The video is of the performance from the first show in Boise if you we're there check out the video and see if you made the final cut.

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