I’ve always heard that as the weather gets colder the prices at the gas pump gets cheaper. I had a friend here from out of town who was blown away when we pulled into the Chevron to fill up. He said “Is gas always this cheap?” I responded “What do you mean?” He said “In California gas is almost a dollar more per gallon”. I already know what you’re thinking so before you ask… NO, he is not moving here. We have enough California, Texas and Arizona people moving here. His comments did get my wheels turning and made me wonder how we stack up with other states when it comes to the latest gas prices.

“Idaho’s gas prices aren’t falling quite as fast as Utah’s – where most of our finished gasoline comes from – but they are falling,” says AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde in an interview with eastidahonews.com . “We’ve still got some warm days ahead, which may inspire some weekend getaways and some fall tourism from states with heavier COVID-19 restrictions, but once the temperature drops, the combination of lower demand and cheaper winter-blend fuel should bring some welcome savings at the pump.”

I almost hate to say this but yet another reason people from all over the country including our neighboring states are flocking to Boise. Want to find the cheapest gas prices in your area check out gasbuddy.com
Gas prices around the Gem State as of Sept. 25:

Boise – $2.32

Coeur d’Alene – $2.08

Idaho Falls – $2.16

Lewiston – $2.25

Pocatello – $2.38

Twin Falls – $2.33

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