The Jonas Brothers are back and on tour! I remember when the Jo Bros came to Boise back in...2009? I remember because the girls were showing up to the station with signs and acting cray to the CRAY!

The Jonas Brothers were borderline to young but too hot not to cover at that moment. We brought in listeners and let them interview the brothers. The funny thing is you never know who you will get and our listeners got to interview Nick Jonas. Crazy.

Fast forward all these years and Nick Jonas would be a solo artist headlining our Boise Music Festival in 2015. I still remember Nick on stage with smoked out sunglasses, white pants, black shirt, and this quote, "Damn it's hot up here!"

I love having these experiences because I was here for all of them. Here's some inside source sh*t! We had DNCE a few years ago but it became a negotiating war between teams and it fell through. What a waste!

Could they be coming through Boise? I'm not sure but there is literally one day between shows in Denver and artists don't usually due too many back to back nights or there is a rotation of like 2 nights in a row with one-off. I can't see a night in Boise changing but we found a pretty crazy experience and you're invited. See the Jonas Brothers in San Francisco including $500 to spend.

Peep all the details below but there is a great opportunity for someone who's never been to San Francisco or seen the Jonas Brothers. Did we mention you will be the Jo Bros? Talk about IG status PLATINUM 🔥

Good luck!

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