It's a Spring Break miracle! 

Last year, Spring Break was met with absolute dread. COVID-19 had reached the Treasure Valley. Schools began sending kids home, hoping that by end of their scheduled Spring Break we will have successfully gone through two weeks to flatten to curve. Well, we know how that played out. The Idaho "Stay Home Order" began in the middle of Spring Break. The kids were going to be home a lot longer than you expected. Not only did you have to find a way to keep them occupied while they were out of school, you also had to pivot to figure out what that looked like while you were working from home. There was no fun part of Spring Break 2020.

But Spring Break 2021? Things are a lot different than they were a year ago. More states are loosening up their restrictions and travel advisories. The CDC is relaxing some of their guidance. People are actually excited to go to the doctor's and get jabbed with a needle. You can actually get out and adventure a little bit!

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Maybe that first weekend of Spring Break will see you adventure to Utah for Lagoon Amusement Park's opening weekend! Lagoon confirmed that their grand opening is set for Saturday, March 20 at 10 a.m. After that, they'll be open Saturdays and Sundays thru May 30 and on Memorial Day. They'll open operations seven days a week beginning on June 4. You can keep up to date with their hours of operation HERE. 

Many of their safety guidelines from the 2020 season will carry over to 2021 but for now reservations won't be required. You can view those COVID-19 expectations on Lagoon's website.

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