If it's FREE, it's for me!

You know what's funny?  I actually never tried sushi until I moved to the Treasure Valley.  To be honest, I can only recall the name of one Japanese restaurant in the city I grew up in and looking at their menu online?  They don't even serve sushi! It wasn't until Lucky Tha DJ took me on one of his lunch time adventures to Superb Sushi in Downtown Boise that I worked up the nerve to try sushi. (I'll be honest, Lucky's peer pressure to not be a sissy was intense!)  To my surprised I LOVED it and wish I could make up for the 22 years where I was too afraid to try anything with raw fish in it!

So when I hear the words FREE SUSHI, I'm all about it! On Thursday, October 27th PF Chang's is offering dine-in customers their a free California Roll or Spicy Tuna roll just for mentioning their "Free Sushi by the Boatload" web page! You can also show it to them as well.  If that's easier for you to remember click HERE to check it out!

This is a true freebie! You don't even have to order a beverage, appetizer or any other item to get your free roll.

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