A lot of election stress eating took place yesterday. In fact it's continuing today for some of us (me). We're not counting calories this week, right? Look, whatever you choose to deal with this stress, I support you. Self care is very important right now even if that is defined by eating your feelings. Google proved on Twitter that you are not alone.

Google trends revealed some of American's most popular cravings and comfort food choices on election night. The top five food-related searches were:

  1. Pizza near me
  2. Chinese food near me
  3. Liquor stores near me
  4. sushi near me
  5. Mexican food near me

It might be also fair to say that the demand for alcohol and to not be sober while the fate of our country is being determined, was at an all-time high!  According to a graph posted on Twitter by Google trends, "liquor store near me" searches were at an all-time high. "Fries near me" was also at an all-time high. All the carbs were being craved!

Chinese was such a popular craving that at one point, "nearby Chinese restaurants" made it as the 3rd most searched U.S. Google term around 6 p.m. on Tuesday. The comfort food fell right behind “exit polls,” which was the first most searched term. Following in second, was “live election coverage." Chinese food was even searched more times than “who won the election today,” as well as “election coverage” which rounded out the top 5 of all most searched terms.

And there you have it, Chinese food is president.


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