All that snow and all that rain means flooding, damage, and all kinds of bad wet stuff.

Oh yeah. It also means a nasty weed problem coming your way.

Experts are encouraging folks in the Treasure Valley to get ahead on weeds this year, because all the rainfall is only going to make things worse. Looking to hit the pool whenever it hits 80° again? You make want to go sans-pool and pull some of those weeds, or even better, spray those bad boys into oblivion.

You may not think it's a big deal. I mean, it's just a few weeds...right? Not so much. Not only can weeds wreck havoc on your yard and your garden, they can also wreck havoc on your nose. Weeds are notorious for triggering allergy symptoms, and the earlier you eliminate them, the better chance you'll make it through the summer with minimal sniffles and nose drips.


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