The Idaho Legislature is rumored to be ending the 2022 session by this Friday. Unlike last year, this session will not go into overtime will not have a sequel and another sequel within the same calendar year. Idaho politicians will look to go home eager to campaign for their elections and reelections.




However, the legislature and the governor can still pass legislation that would improve the lives of every Idahoan during this time of the Biden Fuel Crisis. The current Idaho fuel tax per gallon of gas sold is thirty-three cents. Earlier in this session, two Idaho legislators proposed that the state suspend the fuel tax on gasoline for two years. The move by two legislators submitted their plan before the historic escalation of gas prices that we're experiencing now and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The two legislators documented their actions in a Facebook video. They entered the committee chairman's office presented their views on suspending the gas tax for two years. The next scene in the video showed the two legislators leaving the office without a commitment from the committee chairman.

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It is time now for the Idaho House and Senate to pass a bill that would suspend the gas tax for at least two years during this economic crisis. The state has a well-documented two billion dollar surplus that could easily handle the loss of gas tax revenue.

Those of you who remember the last time the gas tax was raised remember how the tax was raised on the last day of the session in the middle of the night. The elected officials at the time promised the additional revenue would be used to fix Idaho's growing transportation problem. Unfortunately, the gas tax increase did not fund the promised road improvements.

Idaho's move to suspend the gas tax would not be unusual. Maryland and Georgia have now suspended their gas taxes to save their citizens money. Let's hope our elected officials make the same move before they end this year's session.

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