Idaho Governor Brad Little today reacted to the news that the Phizer Vaccine has received FDA approval.

The governor has taken to his call to get vaccinated public to all Idahoans who haven't received the vaccine. Recently, he warned the public that infection rates are rising, which could eventually impact Idaho's hospitals and their ability to care for the sick. The governor continued with his comments stating that the school year could be in jeopardy if Idahoans resist getting the shot. The governor conveyed his comments in both a printed and video release today.


The United States of America reached a significant milestone today – the FDA announced it fully approved the first COVID-19 vaccine.

Close to 800,000 Idahoans and more than 200 million Americans have received the COVID-19 vaccine safely, and the FDA full approval for the Pfizer vaccine helps impart additional confidence for Idahoans still on the fence about getting the shot. 

Experts in science and medicine rigorously evaluated the safety of the vaccine in accordance with very high standards.

 President Donald Trump last year boldly moved our country forward with Operation Warp Speed – the first-ever public-private partnership of its kind – to enable faster approval and production of COVID-19 vaccines during the global pandemic.

 Today, we reached the culmination of President Trump's leadership. 

It is a proud moment in our nation's history. 

America is the best country in the world. We are able to offer our citizens a free, convenient, life-saving vaccine. Many people across the globe are not as fortunate. 

To our friends and neighbors still waiting to receive the vaccine, the time to get the shot is NOW. 

By getting the shot now, you can protect yourself and others and ensure healthcare access remains available for everyone. 

By getting the shot now, you can ensure a strong, healthy workforce and continued economic prosperity in our state. 

And, importantly, by getting the shot now, you can ensure our students have a productive, successful school year.  

Thank you and God Bless.

Will the governor's statements influence your decision if you haven't taken a shot?  Could we see more lockdowns if infectious rates continue to rise in the Gem State?  We'll continue to keep you updated as this situation continues to develop.

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