Not everyone is a supporter of Idaho Governor Brad Little. That's understandable. No politician is going to receive every vote. After this new trade deal he signed with a foreign partner, however, some people may change their tune. Good, bad, or otherwise.

Governor Little just let the ink dry on a new deal he signed with Taiwan. A trade deal, to be more specific. Idaho and Taiwan have come to a two-year agreement to have Idaho supply Taiwan with a healthy amount of...wheat.

Not a super exciting food source, but it sells for a lot of money, and that's good for Idaho's economy. Governor Little has thoughts:

They have been a very, very loyal customer, Taiwan has, for a long time. Our farmers in Idaho — a lot of them have made significant investments in their farms predicated on that consistent good market that we have.

Little also added that Taiwan is the second-largest market for Idaho imports. The largest market? Our friends to the north in Canada.

If you're a number cruncher, you'll love to know that Taiwan imports 99.9% of its wheat, making the deal here in Idaho sweeter for both involved parties.

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